Firstzon Extreme curl mascara instant and intense effect 305 black

FIRSTZON Extreme curl mascara instant and intense effect 3.5 ml (black)

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ADS Matte Wine Lipgloss Random Colors Set of 6

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ADS matte wine lipgloss random colors set of 6

ADS Meet Matte Banana Powder 25g

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  • Cleanses skin from dirt and impurities
  • Helps in getting rid of tanning and pigmentation
  • Gives a radiant and flawless look

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Meet Matte Banana Powder by ADS

ADS Meet Matte Banana Powder presents the foundation for the face that when evenly spread and used gets the skin rid of the oily and blemish texture of the skin. The Ads Meet Matte Banana Powder helps women get the required clean and clear matte skin texture for the face all day long in the sun. This product helps to boost the facial appearance of women and keep them smart and confident with matte radiant skin all day long.

Product Highlights

  • Matte finish appearance
  • Matte powder.
  • Rids the oily and blemish appearance
  • Gives an even tone to the facial skin.

Control oily skin

It helps to get rid of the oily content and sticky feeling from the skin during the summers. Gives the users the best oil-free experience all day long for those who are outdoors most of the time. It gives an even tone for the facial appearance that is usually ruined by the oil secretion of facial oil glands in the skin.

Gives the face a matte appearance

The ADS Meet Banana Powder gives the face a pretty close to a natural matte finish for the brightest facial appearance for women during special occasions and outings. The product can also be used by office going women who would like to look presentable along with looking close to natural.

Protects the skin from Sun Tan

The ADS Meet Banana Powder also protects the facial skin from the UV rays of the sun. The Product acts as a protective coating to prevent the sun from damaging the skin and cause tanning. The powder also reduces the oiliness of the face and also reduces the tanning on the face.

Prevents premature skin wrinkles

The ADS Meet Banana Skin Powder reduces the oil content of the face and also helps to get rid of the extra oil and tan on the face. The protective powder coating over the skin reduces the sun tan effect of the face and also prevents the premature aging of the face due to the prolonged exposure to the sunlight.

Covers the facial marks

The banana powder gives the woman a brighter face with an even tone and removes the blotches and acne marks temporarily for the woman. The use of the product helps to boost the morale and self-confidence of the woman for any urgent occasion without the worry of their facial marks and blotches.


The ADS Meet Banana Skin Powder comes in a portable pack to carry anywhere and it also can be applied in an easy manner and in a short niche of time. The ADS Meet Banana Skin Powder has anti-bacterial properties that can be applied before going out for meetings and sudden outing plans.

Additional information

Weight200 g
Dimensions15 × 8 × 6 cm


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