Mamaearth vitamin C Foaming face wash

Mamaearth Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash with Vitamin C & Turmeric for Skin Illumination – 150ml

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Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Wash with Vitamin C and Turmeric for Skin Illumination – 100ml

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Mamaearth vitamin c face wash
Mamaearth Aloe Vera Gel

Mamaearth Aloe Vera Gel with Pure Aloe Vera & Vitamin E for Skin and Hair - 300ml

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Mamaearth Aloe Vera Gel with Pure Aloe Vera & Vitamin E for Skin and Hair – 300ml

399.00 395.00

Over the years, Aloe Vera has been a household name when it comes to soothing inflammation and hair woes. Aloe Vera has stood the test of time and is still used in various skin and hair care products. We at Mamaearth have taken the cue and bring to you Aloe Vera Gel that works like magic for both your skin and hair. It penetrates your skin and scalp to nourish & moisturize from deep within. The antibacterial properties present in both Aloe Vera and Vitamin E prevent itchy scalp and irritated skin. Regular application will promote even skin tone, fight breakouts, and prevent wrinkles on your skin. Its regular use on hair will keep them shiny, strong, moisturized, and make the scalp healthy and happy. Suitable for all skin and hair types, this Aloe Vera Gel has no harmful chemicals and is free of Toxins, Parabens, and Mineral Oils.

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Results of Mamaearth Aloe Vera Gel

  • mamaearth aloe vera gel for Hydrates Skin

    Hydrates Skin

    The gel thoroughly hydrates skin while keeping it healthy and glowing. The hydration lasts from day to night, eliminating the need for reapplication.

  • mamaearth aloe vera gel for Soothes Irritated Skin

    Soothes Irritated Skin

    Aloe Vera soothes skin, aiding in itch and irritation caused by rashes, shaving, or sunburn. For skin irritation and inflammation, apply a generous amount overnight to see the best results.

  • mamaearth aloe vera gel for Keeps Scalp Healthy

    Keeps Scalp Healthy

    The antibacterial and cooling agents present in Aloe Vera work towards keeping the scalp healthy while soothing any itchiness. Vitamin E nourishes the scalp and makes hair strong & shiny. When applied regularly, the gel aids in preventing dandruff while giving you a healthy scalp.

Key Ingredients

  • pure aloe vera gel

    Aloe Vera : Aloe Vera is incredibly soothing for skin and hair. It hydrates and nourishes, and is a powerful antioxidant. It relieves skin irritation and heals cuts & burns. It strengthens hair from the roots and also helps reduce frizz by providing moisture.

  • mamaearth aloe vera gel with Vitamin E

    Vitamin E : It is an antioxidant that nourishes skin & hair, and protects from damage. It makes skin soft and supple.

  • mamaearth aloe vera gel with Glycerin

    Glycerin : It is a humectant that attracts moisture and keeps hair & skin intensely hydrated. It shields skin against irritation and strengthens moisture barrier.

How to Use

  • For Skin : Liberally apply all over face & neck. Massage in a circular motion to get soft & supple skin.
  • For Hair : Massage the gel on scalp & hair for soft & frizz-free hair.

Who Can Use Mamaearth Aloe Vera Gel?

  • Men and women of age 15 years and above
  • The gel is suitable for all skin and hair types

Why Is Mamaearth Aloe Vera Gel Better Than Others Available In The Market?

    • Nourishes & Protects
    • Good for Both Skin & Hair
    • Suitable for All Skin Types
    • Suitable for All Hair Types
    • No Parabens and Toxins
    • Dermatologically Tested
    • Only Offers Cosmetic Benefits
    • Made for Either Skin or Hair
    • Can Irritate Sensitive Skin
    • Suitable for Specific Hair Types
    • Contains Harmful Chemicals
    • Not Tested Dermatologically

Additional information

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