Beardo Beard wash -100ml

Beardo Beard Wash – 100 ml (The Classic)

350.00 315.00

Beardo Activated Charcoal Soap, Face Wash & Ultraglow Face Lotion (Set of 3)

695.00 584.00
Beardo Activated Charcoal Soap, Face wash and Ulta glow Face lotion combo set of 3
Beardo De-tan Face spa kit for men

Beardo De-Tan Face Spa Kit For Men | Gift Set | Made in India

1,249.00 999.00

Beardo De-Tan Face Spa Kit For Men | Gift Set | Made in India

1,249.00 999.00

  • De-Tan Face Spa Kit
  • Suitable and useful Gift Set for men
  • Made in India
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Product description

Bring home this De-Tan Face Spa Kit. Suitable and useful Gift Set for men.

From the manufacturer

De-tan Face Spa Kit

Get a glowing tan-free skin

Beardo De-Tan Facewash is enriched with natural Aloe Vera extracts and Vitamin E, which will help you cleanse your skin along with healing, nourishing, and de-tanning it without making it dry. On the other hand, Beardo De-Tan Scrub will cleanse and reinvigorate with your skin with caffeine. Specially formulated for men, this face scrub works wonderfully on your tough skin to exfoliate dead skin and instantly reveals the inner glow of your skin, reviving it from the daily wear and tear due to heat, dust, and pollution. For a deeper cleanse, apply De-tan peel off mask and get rid of those stubborn blackheads and dead skin. After a thorough cleanse your skin needs umpteen soothing and healing and that’s when you apply De-tan gel and give your skin the ultimate nourishment it deserves. Follow this de-tan regime regularly to restore glowing and tan-free skin.

Retain your shade in sun with Beardo De-Tan Face Spa Kit

Let’s face it, we cannot avoid the sun. We need to go out in the sun, be it for work or travel, but the strong sunlight and UV rays can be harsh to our skin and regular exposure to sun and dust can lead to tanning and other skin issues. But as always, Beardo is here to rescue you from the unwanted tan with Beardo De-tan Face Spa Kit that includes Beardo De-tan Scrub, De-tan Facewash, De-tan gel, De-tan peel-off mask.


De-tan Face Spa Kit

De-tan Face Spa Kit

De-tan Face Spa Kit

De-tan Face Spa Kit

Beardo De-tan Scrub

Removes dirt & dead cells from your skin & gives it a boost of caffeine for a healthy & moisturized glow

Beardo De-tan Facewash

Cleanses the skin gently, de-tans it thoroughly and removes extra oil without making it dry

Beardo De-Tan Face Gel

Reduces tan & soothes skin. Heals moisturizes & nourishes dull & damaged skin

Beardo Detan Peel-off

Details & deep cleanses the skin gently without making it dry

How to use it?

De-tan Face Spa Kit

De-tan Face Spa Kit

De-tan Face Spa Kit

De-tan Face Spa Kit


Take a small amount of Beardo De-Tan Face Scrub and spread it all over your wet face. Gently massage and then scrub in a circular motion. Rinse the scrub off along with the dull and dead skin.


Take the required quantity onto your palm & apply on damp face and work up a lather. Massage it gently for 2 minutes and wash it off thoroughly.

Face Gel

Cleanse your face & take the required amount of the product and apply it over the face. Spread the gel all over the face & massage it gently in a circular motion


Cleanse your face & take a blob of Beardo De-Tan Peel-off Mask & apply it evenly on your face with upward strokes. Do not apply around the eyes or on lips. Once dry, smile to loosen the mask & then gently peel the mask off from the edges. Clean the residue with a wet towel.

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